About Me

  • Name: Colin Gourlay
  • Address: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Nationality: British
  • Phone: 0792 540 7622
  • Email: hello@colingourlay.com

With over twenty years of commercial experience in the architecture, development, deployment and operational management of Web based applications and hosting platforms, my broad base of skills routinely enable the largest of organizations to succeed.

I have been a .NET developer since 2001 (using the first beta versions), working in a wide range of industries including investment management, finance & banking, health and education.

In my spare time, I'm most likely swimming, running or cycling - training for an upcoming IronMan event. I can be found on Twitter @Colin_Gourlay, blogging regularly on my personal blog or contributing to OSS projects that interest me on GitHub or manage OSS projects I maintain on GitLab.